It’s Game Time! Knockout Cup Competitions Start

Saturday 23rd October at 10am sees the start of the biggest knockout club competitions in Bowls, the Denny Cup (Men) & The Yetton Trophy (Women). Both our teams play local club Mole Valley with 8 players at home and 8 away for each side.

Men’s Denny Cup Team:

Home: Sammy Tindall, Reece Hutton, Ian Ross, Jon Wilson
Home: Ross Marshall, Will Matthews, James Bruder, Daniel Morris
Away: Jamie Tindall, Joseph Tindall, Jake Ladd, Charlie Souter
Away: Duncan Heard, David Thomas, Andy Hatto, Simon Clarke
Reserves: Bill Short & Andrew Richardson.

Ladies Yetton Trophy Team:

Home: Patti Maguire, Debbie Ewins, Mo Guy, Gill Macbean
Home: Olivia Skilton, Sandra Messam, Marilyn Murphy, Margaret Craig
Away: Janet Robins, Ruth Newbury, Helen Newell, Carolyne Stevens
Away: Maggie Scrivens, Sue Patey, Jackie Cornwell, Gill Platt
Reserves: Jenny Robbins, Sally Wills

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Young Talent at Wey Valley

Our U25 National Double Triples

The Wey Valley U25’s won the national double triples in Nottingham on 26th September after two hard fought games v Exonia and St Neots.  

Wey Valley’s last win in this competition was nearly 20 years ago so this is a fantastic achievement for our latest generation of young talent. 

It was a competition that was started last season and the finals due to be played in April 2020 but was put on hold due to the pandemic.

All that time away from the green hasn’t hampered the strength and determination of our youngsters.  If anything, it has made them even more hungry to lift the trophy!

What a great achievement for our latest generation of young talent.

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