A note from our Club President, Alan Tingay 2022-2023

Dear Wey Valley Members,

The presidency of ones club in its 50th year is a great honour and I wish to express my thanks to everyone at Wey Valley for according me this great privilege. I shall do all within my power to maintain the high esteem that our club enjoys within the bowling community at large.

We are all aware of the many problems facing our sport, particularly the ever declining bowling population, and therefore I would ask you to try and persuade a friend or family member to come and give bowls a try. I am sure that we would give them a warm welcome and they could avail themselves of our excellent coaching.

To all of our bowlers I wish them a successful outcome in all of the competitions that they have entered. Please support the club as much as you can in all of the friendly matches as these are the lifeblood of the club, and look out for several special matches during the season to mark our 50th Anniversary.

Finally my thanks to all of the Board and others who work behind the scenes to make the club run smoothly and be such a marvellous place to play bowls.

Good heath, happy bowling and success on the green.

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